Malatesta Maison is the result of an accurate restoration carried out according to bioarchitectural principles, pointing at preservating integrally the original aspect of the 15th century building and keeping it alive respecting and promoting an optimal relationship between landscape and architecture.
Malatesta Maison is above all a place to leave behind urban noise and concerns. In the middle of Marchigian countryside it's both easy to get at and perfect to enjoy the solitude in a region still free from massive tourism.
Malatesta Maison is a complex of three houses. In the main one there are common spaces, some rooms for hosts and the owners' residence, who have turned this place into their home. The other two include the rest of the rooms, a small spa and a multifunctional hall.
Outside there's a wide garden with several ilexes under whose shade you can lay down and sit down to talk, read or simply get relaxed.

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